General info

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac and personal cheques.


If you have dental insurance we will fill out your form and send it to your insurer electronically. According to the agreement we have with your insurer, you will either pay only your part or pay the total and your insurer will send you your reimbursement. Call us to find out which applies to you.


Proud of our 20 years of experience satisfying our clients, we have been able to develop financing options that meet your needs and allow you to meet your objectives for health and dental aesthetics. Several financing options are offered to you according to the type and duration of treatments undertaken. We will as always find the best means of financing your treatments, thereby allowing you to get the smile you have always wanted!

Income Tax Considerations

Dental care is considered by Revenue Québec and Revenue Canada to be medical expenses. Keep your receipts. Depending on your financial situation, it is possible to claim a significant tax credit. The exact calculation is complex and depends on several factors. Talk to your accountant or financial planner.