We use the latest technological tools to make the work of our professionals faster, less intrusive, more precise and more efficient.

Dentistry is evolving and we continue to be on the cutting edge of technology to allow our professionals to offer you the smile of your dreams, both harmonious and healthy.

Intraoral scanner

An intraoral scanner builds a virtual 3D image of your entire dentition and gums. This scanner replaces the usual impressions that use a material that sometimes gives nausea. Thanks to its three-dimensional mode, it can find pathologies that could not be easily discovered with regular x-rays. This technology instantly sends the images of your mouth to the laboratory, thus reducing manufacturing delays and decreasing the risk of handling errors.

3D scanner

A 3D scanner measures bone density for placing dental implants. The intraoral camera allows you to see your teeth in real time on a screen. Digital radiography reduces radiation and increases accuracy compared to conventional radiography.

Cephalometric radiography

The cephalometric radiograph or X-ray measures the angle and arc of growth of the jaw before orthodontic treatment.


CEREC is a German dental technology that allows us to prepare a crown, inlay or veneer in a single visit.
With the CEREC technology, the first step is taking an impression of your tooth with a digital oral camera. Your dentist then makes adjustments to the image of your tooth and sends production instructions to the milling and grinding unit in the clinic. Once the ceramic block is sculpted to specifications, in less than 15 minutes, the dentist can install it permanently in your mouth.

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